Adam Grimes – The Art And Science Of Trading

Adam Grimes - The Art And Science Of Trading Free Course Download

Adam Grimes – The Art And Science Of Trading

Trade setups with a proven edge.

Don’t waste time wondering if what you’re trading has an edge. We have published over 1,000 trade ideas for our institutional clients going back to 2010 and never had a losing year. Now we bring that same trading methodology to you publishing real-time stock and forex trades. Tilt the odds in your favor.

Daily market insight.

Don’t just try and replicate other traders results. Learn how to think about markets. Daily review videos covering current market conditions and all major makets, stocks, forex. Think like an experienced trader.

Remove noise from your trading and focus on what works.

Do you understand the tools you are using to trade? We have tested all major technical indicators for significance. This saves you time and money. Use our custom dashboard and scans to keep on top of intra-day movements and stocks that meet your trading criteria.

Training and education.

Don’t spend thousands learning trading strategies that don’t work. Start with our FREE ‘First Steps in Trading’ and ‘The Art and Science of Trading’ courses. This is professional quality training. Lose the FOMO of lottery style trading and build a system with confidence.
Begin with our free subscription or $7 one month premium trial!

  Designed for traders that have already mastered the Smarter Starter Pack and the Number One Trading Plan, the Ultimate Gann Course will expand your trading skills by helping you venture beyond price-based analysis.
Key Highlights

  • How to combine Price and Time analysis in your trading
  • How David Bowden predicted market moves
  • How to increase your profitability whilst managing your risk
  • See how David Bowden performed his market evaluation and capitalized on a few key trades
  • Learn how to identify pressure dates up to one year in advance
  • Learn how to trading into and out of your pressure dates – and take profit at both ends
  • How and when to use Price Forecasting, Advanced Entry Strategies and Stop Strategies
  • How to implement advanced concepts like Time by Degrees, Squaring Time and Price and Squares

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