Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX

Advanced Divergence Training Course - ASFX Free Course Download

Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX

VIP Discord Chat

Categories within the chat:

  • General
  • Stocks and Indicies
  • Crypto
  • Swing Trading Ideas
  • Precious Metals
  • Book Recommendations
  • Funded Trading Companies & Prop Firms
  • ASFX Coaches Trade Ideas
  • LIVE Trading Chat

What you will get:

 – Lifetime access to the VIP Discord Chat with 1,300+ traders from all over the world sharing their trade ideas.

Forex Crash Course

Envision this training as the trampoline that will jump start your trading career.  This information is the foundation that every trader needs to understand before diving into live markets.

Topics covered:

  • How Did The Forex Market Come To Be
  • How Does The Forex Market Operate Today
  • Where Does The Most Forex Trading Occur
  • ​How Does The Forex Market Compare To Other Markets Like Stocks
  • ​What Is A Currency Pair.
  • Advanced Divergence Training Course – ASFX Free Course Download
  • ​How is Forex Priced
  • ​What Are The Different Types Of Trading
  • ​How Do We Make Money Trading Forex
  • ​What Is A Trading System

Trader Toolkit

A step by step breakdown of how to set yourself up for success when placing your first trades.

Topics covered in the toolkit:

  • The different forms of price action charts
  • The most important technical indicators
  • The different order types
  • ​How to read risk/reward
  • ​How to draw support & resistance
  • ​Most Important candlestick formations
  • ​How much you should start with
  • ​How much you can earn as a forex trader
  • ​How to identify trend
  • ​Proper position sizing
  • And much more…

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