TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading

TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading

TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading

The Ultimate Trading Formula?

Let’s face it — learning to trade the stock market without guidance is like learning to swim in a hurricane… Just a real bad time.

That’s where the Ultimate Trading Formula comes in.

The formula is like a compass that shows you the way and walks you through the steps to help you make money trading as fast and and consistently as possible!

Learn to trade in to TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading.


Learning to trade used to be a lonely and unpredictably generic process. An apprenticeship pairs you with a master trader and small community to give you the guidance and accountability to master your craft. In your apprenticeship, you will

  • Learn from a pro trader in live sessions how to make money trading. (Education)
  • Watch real-time examples of principles and techniques demonstrated. (Application)
  • Do some trades as your mentor looks over your shoulder and provides feedback. (Implementation)

Apprenticeships are for those who want the very best.

Day Trading Room

Fast trades is fast cash. The popularity of Day Trading is exploding. Spending the day with a master trader facilitating the room and a community of like-minded traders as you put fat stacks of cash in your jeans!

In a Day Trading Room, you will…

  • Enjoy the guidance of a pro a you navigate the ever-changing market conditions.
  • Connect with and learn from other like-minded day traders.
  • Learn basic day trading strategies.

The Day Trading Room is like going to your favorite coffee shop with friends, if going to the coffee shop made you fat stacks of cash!

Quick-Start Boot Camps

Like a good Saturday at Costco, a Boot Camp allows you to sample different methods and strategies. They are provide basic foundational training. Then, you decide if you want to dig deeper. In a Quick-Start Boot Camp, you will…

TradeSmart University – Total Fibonacci Trading

  • Learn foundational methods and strategies.
  • Meet and engage with the pro trader.
  • Get clarity on whether your trading will benefit from additional training or not.
  • TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading

Quick-Start Boot Camps are a great way to see different trading styles and meet different instructors.

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